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Willowbend Gives is a member-driven philanthropic initiative aimed at better connecting the Willowbend membership to the local community and educating ourselves on the many incredible charitable organizations and causes here on Cape Cod. We have teamed up with The Cape Cod Foundation to bring this initiative to life.

Our goals with this program are many, but most important is that our members feel proud, but not pressured—proud of the good that we are able to do, but not pressured to give, not pressured to give more than you’d like. We also want this program to be educational—an opportunity for you to get to know local causes and changemakers—whether you donate to Willowbend Gives or not. And finally, we are excited to better connect to the local community—and not just through donations.

Our goal is to integrate days of service and other opportunities for everyone, including our children, to get involved. We operate with a sacred responsibility to protect the communities we call home, ensuring we keep each club setting spectacular for generations to come. Being stewards of our clubs means supporting the communities in which we operate, through local hiring and training, charity identification and partnership, member-driven philanthropy programs, and more. Cape Cod is a special place for all of us. Willowbend Gives will provide us the opportunity to celebrate and support a community to which we are deeply connected.

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Willowbend Gives will be structured as a “giving circle.” For those unfamiliar, the concept is straightforward—a community comes together and makes individual gifts to a common fund, effectively pooling resources to make high-impact gifts to the causes chosen by the group. Gifts can be made in all sizes, but a certain threshold ($1,000) is required to receive a vote as to where the donations are allocated. Donation allocations are determined exclusively by member vote—this is truly a member-driven organization! All of the funds raised in the year are distributed in the year, and all donations are 100% tax-deductible (and can even be made via your Willowbend membership account).

Willowbend (via the Deitch Family) will match 100% of member contributions up to $100,000, doubling our impact.


Willowbend Gives Towels | $39.99
Available in the Golf Shop & Fitness Center
The perfect summer purchase! Our Willowbend Gives towels are smooth and luxurious with a sand-resistant top and absorbent plush terry underside. The size of the towels is 30” x 60”. We only have a limited amount available, so don’t wait to purchase them!

Willowbend Gives Solstice
Available in Cafe Amici & The Grille Room
A delightful and refreshing summertime mix of Tito’s Vodka and Los Sundays Coconut Tequila with cranberry, lime, and grapefruit, served with a smile.

Profits from the drink will be donated to the Willowbend Gives fund.

Fourth of July Dunk Tank | Raised $500
Think you have what it takes to knock someone off their high-and-dry perch straight to a soggy splashdown? Come by our Dunk Tank and show off your throwing skills—a fun way to support a good cause!

Darren Clarke Raffle | Raised $4,500
Want to play one of the most memorable rounds of your life? Purchase a raffle ticket(s) for you and 2 friends to play 18 holes at Willowbend with Darren Clarke!


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Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod
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YMCA Cape Cod
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Community Connections
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Saturday, October 8, 1:00 PM: Check Presentation
We will end our season of Willowbend by presenting the selected organizations with their checks during Fall Fest. Complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served.


Richard Bane

Lynn Garod

Debbie Kurinsky

Laura Stone

Dan Weinbaum


Building Resources, Granting Opportunities

The Cape Cod Foundation is a community foundation. It exists for one single reason: to strengthen and enrich our community.

The Foundation helps others create charitable funds that, when pooled and invested wisely, generate revenue for scholarships to local students and grants to nonprofit organizations. Like their donors, they build, invest and use their discretionary funds to bring additional resources to the community: more scholarships and grants, plus various other initiatives with broad regional impact.

The Foundation was established in 1989 with a single $10,000 scholarship fund. Today, they manage over 300 funds, with assets now exceeding more than $90 million. Since inception, they have distributed more than $95 million back into the community. Over the past three decades, they have become deeply entrenched in the community and the nonprofit sector. They know where the needs and the challenges are, and know how to build partnerships and leverage resources to meet them.


We raised a total of $78,000 that was split between our nonprofit grantees.


How do I donate and get involved?
All Willowbend Gives events are open to all members—whether you decide to donate to the giving circle or not. Donations of all sizes are welcome and can be charged to your member account via the Southworth App for Willowbend or via our online portal with the Cape Cod Foundation here. Donations made via either method are 100% tax-deductible.

How much do I need to donate to be a voting member?
Any donation of $1,000 or more will entitle the donor to a vote in the giving circle.

How will I vote?
The Election Runner voting software will be accessible online and will collect the qualifying votes.

If I donate more than $1,000 do I get extra votes?
No, all members donating $1,000 or more receive one vote.

Can more than one person per household vote?
Votes are on a per-person basis. Each $1,000 donation per member of the household will grant you one vote.

Will the organizations be vetted before they are presented?
Yes, all organizations are vetted by the Cape Cod Foundation before being presented.

Are all donations tax-deductible?
Yes, and the Cape Cod Foundation will provide letters to all members who donate to Willowbend Gives.

Will all donations be given directly to local causes?
Yes—all donations received in the year, including the match, will be distributed to local causes at the End of Summer Party. All services provided by the club during our events will be donated in kind, and there will be no reserve or endowment left at the end of the year. We will incur “de minimis” administrative fees from the Cape Cod Foundation (under 1%).