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Course Enhancements | New Flags a Symbol of Continued Golf Course Enhancements

The Keene Cup, our headlining event for the men’s golf season, is fast approaching. Although the club’s flagship golf tournament typically showcases its own distinctive championship flags, this year the flags flown over those four days will be different. They’re brand new designs that the club will use throughout the season, and The Keene Cup will serve as their grand debut.

Initially inspired by the nautical alphabet and signal signs that have been used across Cape Cod and the Islands for centuries, Willowbend’s executive team eventually settled on a classic rectangular golf flag made up of two bilateral triangles. The bottom triangle features the club’s logo on a white background, while the flag’s upper red triangle is adorned with the course name in white typeface—the same font used by the PGA of America.

We’re excited to unveil these new flags, which represent a healthy marriage of contemporary, modern aesthetics and traditional golf design. With their new appearance, these flags also reflect the attention that’s being paid to each of the nines—cosmetic enhancements that further establish unique identities for The Bend, The Bay, and The Bog.

The club has also transitioned from the standard, thin, all-white flagstick to a thicker, tournament-style flagstick that is adorned with red and white stripes. These new flagsticks by themselves will be more eye-catching, but when paired with the new flags, they’ll produce a captivating visual that boldly distinguishes Willowbend from other golf clubs in the area.

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